COVID19 is placing enormous stress on your working parents.

How are you supporting them?

Meet Kunik COVID Care.

Unprecedented times demand new systems of support

COVID Care is a holistic solution for caregivers, managers, and firm. Immediate implementation, firmwide support focused on caregivers.

Scalable, affordable, practical.

Employer Adoption Policies

Caregivers: Targeted support for working parents. Address key challenges with practical solutions and expert guidance, reduce burnout, boost productivity.

Employer Adoption Policies

Managers: Give your leaders the skills and support they need to effectively lead their teams through this challenging time.

Employer Adoption Policies

Firm wide: Enable all employees to better adjust to remote work, manage COVID related stress, and address performance challenges.

Employer Adoption Policies

Kids: Parents worry about kids mental health, learning, and happiness during this period. And they need them...busy.

Employer Adoption Policies

Mental Health: Stress, burnout, and anxiety are taking a toll - mentally, physically, and emotionally. We can help.

What your parents are saying:

Leading companies support their employees because the results are clear:

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