Working Parents

Support for Working Parents
A Solution for Employers

Tailored to your employees, designed for your firm. Kunik is a support system for today's working parents.

Kunik is Built for You

Where work and parenting meet.

Peer Network

Bond with those experiencing the same things now, benefit from those who have been there before.

Company Group

Privately hosted and managed group that connects parents across your firm.


Leading experts contribute to community discussions and offer tailored coaching.

How Does Kunik Work?

Go Beyond Parental Leave

An ongoing solution to meet the growing needs of your parent employees.

top talent




We’ve Got Your Back

Access expert guidance throughout your journey. Covering the intersection of parenting and work, our team of experts are available for individual and group programming.

How parenthood makes you a better leader

Dana Theus
Executive & Career Coach

Tools to increase your efficiency

Alexis Hasselberger
Productivity & Efficiency Coach

Managing stress at home & work to avoid burnout

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Raising Kids is Expensive
Supporting Working Parents Shouldn’t Be

Kunik enables companies to provide ongoing support for working parents with community and expertise.

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