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Are you ready for the growing wave of working Millennial parents?

Parenthood has changed. Working parents are now the norm and families are more diverse than ever, but resources haven’t kept pace.​

Millenial Chart

Millennials represent 66% of the workforce and 80%+ of births

Family Friendly

77% of employees say family-friendly policies impact their choice of employer

Working Parents

64% of working parents say employers are inattentive to their needs

Kunik is a new way to support your working parent employees​

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Kunik is a community first approach to attracting and retaining top talent in a cost-effective, sustainable manner.

We holistically support your employees, strengthen your firm’s culture, and drive a positive ROI

Where work and parenting meet​​

A fresh solution to the challenge of juggling parenthood while nurturing a career.
Kunik is a space for working parents to connect and share their experiences and challenges.


Members only community exclusively for working parents


Connect by industry, geography, interests, and within your firm


Tools to help with your work and parenting questions


Guidance from leading, experts for your toughest challenges


Kunik supports all working parents

No matter your background, identity, or where you are in your journey - married, single, LGBTQ, adoptive, new, expecting - We’ve got your back

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