Working Parents

Work, Meet Life

How and where we work changed.
Kunik brings your people together. Deliver support where work and life meet.

Employee centered. Community driven. Always available.

Kunik supports caregivers and your entire organization by focusing on the intersection of work, home, and life. Our custom tailored solutions are powered by community & expert guidance.

Live, expert-led programming that connects your organization. Customized to the challenges you're facing.

Membership to our peer network, monthly live programming, on-demand resource library, & more!

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Whole person support for the whole organization

What's 'whole person support?'
Kunik provides holistic support to all employees and targeted support to caregivers. Through customized, expert led conversations, a private peer community, and on demand resources we support your people.

Your people are your most valuable asset. Empower them through Kunik.

Give your people the expert guidance they want and peer support they need.

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Live, expert-led conversations. Connect employees over the issues that matter most. Empower them with the tools they need to successfully adapt.

Leadership at home and work

Dana Theus
Executive & Career Coach

Productivity during chaos

Alexis Hasselberger
Productivity & Efficiency Coach

Managing stress at home & work to avoid burnout

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

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In 2020 work became human. What does that mean for you and your people?
We've got your covered.

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