Our goal is simple:
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Josh And Liz

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Liz and Josh, the founders of Kunik.

Over the years, we’ve been struck by how difficult it is for our friends and family to manage both parenthood and their career ambitions. Some were railroaded off their career trajectory, some quit, some were just flat out defeated. Yet, a small handful were managing just a bit better. As we considered our own family planning and careers, we grew concerned and focused on what drove this discrepancy. We found that these select few worked at companies that provided support structures and a culture that enabled and empowered them as working parents.

Why We Started Kunik

As fate would have it, our work grew ever more personal. Over the course of building Kunik, Liz became pregnant and welcomed her son into the world.

Our journey convinced us that current resources and status quo corporate policies are failing today’s working parents and costing employers.

We do not believe that parents should have to choose between nurturing a family and a career.

We believe employers want to support their employees, but lack affordable or scalable tools to do so.

Kunik is built to change this dynamic. By refining and connecting industry leading practices, Kunik brings a best in class solution directly to employers and their employees.

Our mantra is simple: Support for working parents. A solution for employers.

Oh, and Kunik ('coo-nik') means “nose-kiss”. This warm, empathetic feeling, we extend to every partner and parent.

We believe it is time for a better solution for working parents.

Kunik eliminates the need for a patchwork solution of blogs, (in)famous Facebook groups and time consuming searches for experts. Kunik is a space to ask questions, seek advice, find tools and connect with other working parents. We save you time and bring you the answers and community you have been looking for. Kunik also guides companies looking to better support their parent employees.

Above all, Kunik is an inclusive, practical and cost effective solution that stretches from home to work and everywhere in between.

Oh, and Kunik ('coo-nik') means “nose-kiss”. Our goal is to carry that feeling into a warm, empathetic and inclusive community that supports you.

This is our ambition. We hope you join us.

Liz & Josh

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