Our mantra is simple:
Whole person support for the whole organization*.
(aka make work human)

Josh And Liz

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Liz and Josh, long time friends, recovering finance professionals, a mom, an aunt, an uncle, dog whisperers, recipe sharers, and cofounders of Kunik.

What is Kunik? Kunik is: a community, a solution, an “I hear you, and I get it” team of support, a fortune cookie with a good piece of advice.

We partner with employers to provide support to employees and working caregivers where work and life meet.
We do this through expert led conversations, a peer community, and on-demand resources.

Our Mission

Integrating work and life is a never ending challenge, made harder by the rapid pace of change in the workplace. The challenges employees face continue to evolve. Kunik is a new type of support system - one that grows with you, and supports your people as humans, not employees.

Kunik sets the bar for humanity in business. By building the world's leading employee support and caregiver community, we create a foundation for your people to do their best work and for organizational culture to thrive. Because what matters most is connecting your people to each other, giving them greater purpose at home, work, and in between.

Why 'Kunik'

Kunik (“coo-nik”) means nose-kiss. Our goal is to transfer this warm, empathetic feeling to the work we do with our partner's and their people.

This is our ambition. We hope you join us.

Liz & Josh

Josh and Liz Handprints

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