Our mantra is simple:
Support for working parents.
A solution for employers.

Josh And Liz

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Liz and Josh, friends from school, exercise buds, recovering finance professionals, a mom, an aunt, an uncle, dog whisperers, recipe sharers, and cofounders of Kunik.

What is Kunik? Kunik is: a community, a solution, an “I hear you, and I get it” team of support, a fortune cookie with a good piece of advice.

We support working parents with a community of peers and colleagues. We backstop our members with guidance from a network of certified experts who cover everything at the intersection of work and parenting. We partner with employers who look at their employees as humans and who are searching for a way to support this growing and diverse pool of talent.

Our Mission

Integrating parenthood with work is one of life’s greatest challenges. The issues working parents face don’t end after leave, but the corporate benefits supporting them usually do. We built Kunik to change this dynamic. We believe that yes, it does take a village. It takes parents and their employers to work constructively together. We’re here to help.

Why 'Kunik'

Kunik (“coo-nik”) means nose-kiss. Our goal is to carry that feeling into a warm, empathetic and inclusive platform that supports working parents and helps employers find a differentiated way to consistently support their working parent employees.

This is our ambition. We hope you join us.

Liz & Josh

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