Expert Coaching for Today's Working Parents

Your working parents are facing brand new challenges. Our coaches are here to help. ​

We’ve Got You Covered

Kunik coaches are ready to help in this challenging time. Group coaching and individual sessions enable your parent employees adjust to a new normal.

We Grow With You

From diapers to deadlines and work from home, the challenges never end they just change. Find expert support along the way.


  • Sleep & Lactation
  • Raising multiple kids
  • Child behavioural issues
  • Newborn care(bathing, diapers, soothing, swaddling)
  • Choosing schools, homeschooling, and in-home care
  • Independent play + educational activities


  • Pre + Postnatal health & wellness
  • Relationship & Marriage Coaches
  • Household Responsibilities & Work: The Juggle
  • Parenting Coaches
  • Financial planning & college savings
  • Burnout
  • Dual career families


  • Life & Career coaches
  • Motherhood & entrepreneurship coaches
  • Career transition coaches
  • Parental Leave: Prep, Planning, & return
  • Child & Career Balance
  • Productivity Specialists
  • WFH (work from home) Gurus

Meet Our Coaches

Meet Nicole & Arianna, two of our awesome coaches.
With years of training and first-hand experience, you’re in good hands

Nicole Wood

CEO, ALV Coaching

Arianna Taboada

Maternal Health Consultant

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