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Your people are facing new and varied challenges. Kunik experts help them succeed.

We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you're looking to support managers, teams, caregivers or your whole organization, Kunik's vetted experts are ready to help.

Why Experts?

Kunik experts are vetted, best in class, subject matter experts. We customize solutions to meet your people where they are and help propel them forward.


Kunik sessions offer practical guidance & perspectives, actionable tools, and emotional connection & support.

We vet experts to meet changing needs and real world challenges.


Topics, formats, style - everything customized to meet the needs of your people and organizational objectives.

We focus on driving engagement and sparking important dialogue in a safe space.


Kunik bring support to your people, not the other way around. And this drives results.

Together, we build culture, provide relief, and focuses on real life challenges.

We Grow With You

Your needs are as diverse as your people. We don't have a set program or 3 step solution. Everything we is customized for you (but here are some topics we cover):


  • Juggling parenthood & work
  • Stages and Ages
  • Sandwich generation life 
  • Caring for elders and other family members
  • Developing boundaries and resilience 
  • Dual career + family systems 


  • Remote + hybrid succes 
  • Managing caregivers (empathy + performance)
  • Active listening and communication strategies 
  • Navigating new work norms 
  • Authentic leadership + team success 
  • Leading with empathy and inclusion 
  • New managers + The Leadership Triangle 


  • Understanding stress + burnout 
  • Asynchronous work flows + distributed teams
  • Team building + empowerment 
  • Building an inclusive workplace every day 
  • Finding happiness your career & life 
  • Productivity: the good, the bad, and the ugly 
  • Working through change and disruption 
  • Peer communication and lateral leadership 

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