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Set your firm apart. Kunik’s integrated system empowers your people to thrive.​

The work-life solution for your entire company

Deliver the practical tools and support employees need to integrate work, life, and home.
Customizable and adaptable to a remote, HQ, or hybrid world.

Fast to implement, customized to your needs

The Building Blocks:
Practical, Affordable, Scalable

Where and how we work has changed. Your people are facing new challenges. Kunik provides new tools to support your people at the intersection of work and life.

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Kunik Conversations

Customized, expert-led conversations. Connect & empower your people with practical, actionable guidance


Caregivers build bridges across your firm. Give them the extra support they need

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lasting results

Ensure your people feel valued, seen, and heard. Intersectional programming that drives inclusion & retention

What employees are saying:

Employers Work with Us Because We Work for Your Employees​

Kunik lowers the entry price to building sustainable solutions that help retain & attract talent. Set your firm from the competition.

“I was desperate to connect with other people at my company, but I didn't know how. Then we got Kunik."

We start with caregivers. They're the largest population at your firm (~66%). And they're natural bridge builders, including every identity and level of seniority. But we don't stop there!

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Our solutions foster inclusion and develop meaningful connections firm wide. We connect your people through expert facilitated conversations on the subjects that matter most to them. Make inclusivity a habitual part of your culture.

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The result? Happier, more connected employees. Kunik helps your people thrive by providing impactful support every day.

Rollout in as Little as Two Weeks

A Kunik Coordinators free-up your bandwidth and work seamlessly with you.

Support your employees today

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In 2020 work became human. What does that mean for you and your people?
We've got your covered.

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