Millenial Parents

Working Parents Now Have Two Full Time Jobs

COVID19 is placing enormous pressure on working parents. Kunik helps them navigate this crisis.​

Culture in the Time of COVID19

Empower your working parents with community support and expert coaching. Give them the resources to successfully and productively meet these new challenges.

Peer Network

A group of peers in the same situation. Access a community who understands the challenges and is here to help.

Company Group

Hosted and managed private group. Foster a family-friendly workplace even while working remotely.


Coaching to meet new challenges. Customize programming for changing needs.

Immediate Access to Answers and Support​

Kunik team members seamlessly onboard employees no matter where they're working.

What Aren’t Your
Telling You?

Remote Doesn't Have to Mean Alone​

Scalable, customizable, and affordable. Give your working parents the solution they've been searching for.

“I was desperate to connect with new moms at my company, but had no way of finding them.”

76% of parents want a resource group.

9% of parents belong to a resource group.

Employers Work with Us Because We Work for Your Employees

Unlock valuable insights to build sustainable, leading practices that extend beyond your office. Culture has never mattered more.

43% of new mothers leave the workforce after giving birth and 70% of new dads say fatherhood will prompt a career change

Working Couple
Replacing Employees Costs

Replacing an employee costs between 90-200% of their annual salary

Employer Adoption Policies

Over 90% of companies that adopted family friendly policies saw improvements in profitability, productivity & morale and lower turnover

COVID19 is Stressful
Supporting Working Parents Shouldn’t Be

Kunik enables companies to provide working parents the community support and expert coaching they need.

Wondering how to support working parents through this crisis?
We've got your covered.

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