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Working and Parenting During COVID19?

None of us have been here before. Together we'll find answers.



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Connect with other working parents who understand the struggle. Access guidance from the experts you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to petty forums and endless internet rabbit holes.

For all the questions you can't Google, there's Kunik.

Kunik is built for you

Designed by and for working parents. All the tools you need to succeed.


Our community is designed specifically for today’s working parents. Meet other working parents and join conversations at the intersection of work and parenting.

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Peers and perspectives without the judgement or drama. ​Share ideas and experiences with a community who can relate.​


Access to experts and practical guides covering your every need from parental leave, child care, flex time, work travel and more.


Kunik Helps You Succeed

“It’s incredible to connect with people who can relate and are going through the same things at the same time”

From the frenzy of everyday issues, to the big questions, find reliable perspectives you just can’t Google. Connect, share, and learn from others who can relate.

Conversations on the topics that matter most to you.​

Conversations on the topics that matter most to you.

Questions you need to ask. Answers from people who get it.​

Questions you need to ask.
Answers from people who get it.

Experts who guide the way.
Resources to cover your biggest needs.

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Got Pods? We do.
The support working parents need, today.

Kunik is the only provider enabling multi-firm pod matching.
Connect parent employees to share childcare responsibilities.

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