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What do your caregivers need to succeed?

Kunik lives at the intersection of work and parenting. We're sharing our insights from thousands of working parents and HR teams to help you build the family friendly culture your teams need.


Let's talk about caregivers

Uncover the best practices, creative ideas, and practical tools to adopt today and build a leading, family friend workplace.

Leading companies invest in their people because the rewards are clear:





When work became human but less connected: the fix

Maintain humanity, boost connection

2020: In Review
2021: What lies ahead
Caregivers & Culture

The newest trends to look for

What's next: Flex, Remote and Hybrid Work Models

How to prepare for what's coming

You Asked,
We Answered:
Kunik & ALV

Your toughest questions, finally answered

How your managers can support working parents

A game plan to steer your team through this crisis.

COVID19 support for caregivers, what they need today

Solutions for today, support for tomorrow

Culture in the time of COVID19 and beyond

How to support and build your culture in a remote workforce.

Cost effective guide to a family friendly workplace

Building an inclusive culture doesn't have to be costly.
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